Living My Bucket-List

Welcome Welcome Welcome

I’m so excited you found this page. If you are looking to embrace your life in an exhilarating, passionate way I would like to be your mentor.

My husband and I were together for 29 years until we decided to uncouple…. a.k.a. divorce. What a scary proposition, at first. Feeling lonely, uncertain, overwhelmed I had no idea what the rest of my life would look like. Being together for so long I had ideas of how growing old together would look, all those dreams…gone. Together we decided to it “Better not Bitter”, to support each other through our uncoupling. I was and still, am grateful for that. We loved each other for most of our lives so why end in anger and bitterness. Fortunately, I had friends who had been there and done that. I had tremendous support from them and my family. We all go through struggle, loss, and pain it’s what makes up grow as human beings or not. I decided this would be a gift for me to grow, to learn to live my best life. I just didn’t know where to start and I’m learning I’m not alone.

I started my new life by attending three woman’s retreats during the uncoupling process, I met many women who have experienced divorce, loss, illness, unhappiness, or are just not living their best life. Woman “DO” for children, spouse, family, co-workers, church, charity, and anyone else who asks. They often forget about themselves, I know I did. I was over-scheduled and exhausted. During my reflection, prayer, and time alone I realized I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I felt clueless when it became my turn to make every decision… What to eat? What to do for entertainment? Do I really love what I’m doing or just doing it to pay the bills?

Have you ever had the opportunity to ask yourself…
“If I could do anything I want with the rest of my life what would it look like? And…Is this my Best-Life?”

I really had to sit with that question for a while, deep down I didn’t know for sure what I desired. Years ago my husband and I had created a bucket list together, most of which we had accomplished over our 29 years together. Alone I didn’t really know where to start.

So I book a trip…because the best parts of my life so far have been when I traveled the world.

First Stop…New York City

I went to New York City with my sister. She has always wanted to go, it was on her Bucket-List. I had been there a couple of times, of course always with my husband. Still not my Bucket-List but a place to start. Previous trips were for business where we squeezed in a show around work.

This trip was 6 days of being a tourist. We did it all, with the help of the Hop-on Hop-off bus. No rules, lots of laughs and even more steps. I booked my first Air B&B, bought and unlimited subway pass, and rode the city bus, or wandered around the city.

We talked a lot about my future and I started writing a new Bucket-List, just for me.

Now as I embrace every day with a joyful outlook and a passion to live My Best Life. I realize my husband and I had become complacent, bored, we stalled in our personal growth. For many years we had an amazing life, being successfully self-employed from our 20’s to almost 50, I was so incredibly blessed to have traveled and seen many cities around the world. We were so young when we began our lives together, we never had a chance to experience what it was we individually enjoyed.

On my own now, I get to discover what gives me joy, what I’m passionate about, and what I want to eat for dinner. It’s all me, my choices and living my bucket-list. My hope is that you are living yours. Much Love…Lisa